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The UK Treasury have made two significant and positive moves in recent times to reward Research and Development tax allowances.

Whilst you may not think that your company is an obvious beneficiary, the policy is now broad and well beyond white coats and laboratories.

For that reason, and as part of our small business advisory service, we have constructed a short online audit to help you to assess whether there is an opportunity for you to receive tax relief.

Did you know that 

  • Research and Development tax credits apply to nearly all UK businesses for various reasons
  • It is the Government's way of rewarding businesses that are creating and developing innovative products, systems and materials
  • A typical UK business can claim in excess of £47,000 

"We have been informed by HRMC that less than 1% of eligible UK companies have actually claimed back available R & D tax credits, it is our aim to help to significantly improve this." Matthew Levington, Owner.

Watch our short video to find out more.

 R&D Tax Credits Video