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Business Doctors contribute to the IOD's growing business handbook

In Association with the Institute of Directors

As our economy stabilizes and technology widens its impact, now is becoming an exciting time to grow a business. The prospects for scaling up a venture and creating a global presence are more promising than ever. Once it might have taken £5m and five years to prove a market. Now it can happen in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Yet real high performance still remains elusive for all but a few businesses. Inspiration often falters. Costs mount. Margins are tight. Supply lines stretch. Ideas are listed. Partnerships dissolve. People lose their way. Cash runs short. Systems break down.

In developing a strategy for fast growth, you will constantly find yourself facing a series of awkward decisions. What is the right route to market? How do you know when to build from within, acquire and partner? How do you attract and lead talent, create a brand that captures your value, and put in place systems and processes that keep everything on track?

Drawing on the professional expertise and commercial experience from fast growing companies and the Institute of Directors, The Growing Business Handbook is full of practical advice on how you can maximise upsides and control downsides, with articles from:
* Lloyds Bank *CIMA *Avondale *Angel’s Den *ICAEW *Turner Butler *Aberdeen Business School *High Growth *Charted Insurance Institute *CLA *AccountAgility *InCloud Solutions *Satago *Bartercard *UCL *Business Doctors

For more information follow this link  http://www.koganpage.com/growingbusinesshandbook

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