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Strategic Management ? Business Portfolios and Growth Strategies

A Business Doctor can help you revitalize your business, introducing new concepts and business growth strategies. Business leader’s energy, ideas and strategies are bound to lag or go stale at times this is a harsh fact of business life. In order to develop and maintain a strategic fit between the organization's capabilities and goal, and its changing marketing opportunities, the organization needs a strategic plan, and to do that, managers must define the company's objective and goals.

Business Doctors offer ‘hands-on’ support to business owners helping them to overcome their individual challenges and supporting them to achieve business growth. The main priority while developing a strategic plan, is the design of a business portfolio the collection of businesses and products that make up the company or the analysis of the current portfolio.

  • Identify the key businesses making up the company.
  • Evaluate the attractiveness of its Strategic Business Units (also known as SBU).
  • Decide how much investment and support each SBU deserves.

Growth in a business is all you desire whether you are an established conglomerate or a small local level startup company. You always work to find out ways to make your company grow faster and faster. It can be difficult for company leaders (especially company founders) to seek and embrace external challenge or input, however those that do so have a far better chance of taking their company into thrive mode. A good Business Doctor will help you generate and execute effective business growth strategies.

  1. Growing your profits, revenue
  2. Developing your infrastructure
  3. Have a bold vision to achieve
  4. Maintain Loyalty

We have helped develop and transform hundreds of companies across a spectrum of industries, filling a gap in the market between the big four consultancies and specialist individuals. Our holistic approach and alignment to government funded support programs has helped us to become the fastest growing business support network in India.

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