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Business Doctors helped over 500 businesses in the Yorkshire region in 2014

Business Doctors, a Leeds based business development consultancy, are launching a new seminar series at the Institute of Directors, Old Broadcasting House, Leeds.  The  Freedom Seminar is the first event in the series, aimed at owners of small and medium sized businesses looking to regain control of their companies after periods of sharp growth or decline.

Business Doctors helped over 500 businesses in the Yorkshire region in 2014.  Developing their business plans, designing achievable strategies, and assisting with the implementation of a variety of projects - from marketing, through sales development, to staff engagement.  Much of the support provided came with funding - Growth Vouchers, Growth Accelerator - meaning a positive input for business from industry experts, not at a huge cost.
The Freedom Seminar is an opportunity for business owners to regain the sense of happiness they felt when first starting out on their own.  The day-to-day management issues seen in most companies mean owners cannot find the time to work at taking their business where they intended at the outset.  The seminar has been developed to provide business owners an opportunity to take a deep breath, before coming back fighting.
Simon Monaghan, Regional Director for Business Doctors, explains: “We have come across this problem frequently over the course of the last year or two.  Business owners who are involved in the day-to-day running of their business end up being too close everything and can’t see potential issues before it’s too late.”

“Take a step back is the first thing I tell a customer when we meet.  Without perspective you can’t see what you have planned to do next might be entirely wrong.”
“The Freedom Seminar is an opportunity for business owners to start the process of getting their business working for them again.  We have condensed down our experiences into this new presentation, which we want to share with the business owners of Leeds and beyond.”

“It’s going to be great to see the type of businesses that come along.  We’d like to discuss with them the options available to get their freedom back.  We are experts in helping business owners realise their aspirations, regain the control they lost as their businesses have grown, and help them implement plans to take their businesses forwards.”

“A great deal of our expertise can be given at low cost to the business. Due to the opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to utilise funding pots such as Growth Vouchers and Growth Accelerator, there has never been a better time to get support and look to develop your future business plans.”

For more information and to book a place on the free Freedom Seminar click here
The Freedom Seminar - Tuesday 24th February 2015.  09.00 - 12.00. Institute of Directors - Yorkshire, Old Broadcasting House, Leeds, LS2 9EN

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