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30% Growth Remedy for interVAS

A Windsor-based mobile network solutions provider is projecting 30% yearly growth in turnover since calling in Thames Valley Business Doctor Martin Vessey.

Launched by managing director Robert Magembe in 2006, interVAS provides high quality, reliable connections to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across the world. With a single point of connection to its UK gateway, it currently provides access to mobile subscribers in several African countries and also has a presence in the UK, France, USA, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Working with clients from different sectors with varying requirements, interVAS has launched SMS TV voting services in five countries simultaneously, mobile device SMS registration service in over 10 countries, and social media SMS notifications and banking services in over five countries.

Having achieved significant success since its launch, the company called in Business Doctor Martin Vessey to help it work towards the next level of growth.

Business Doctors is a national network of experienced business people that helps small and medium-sized businesses by providing support with strategy, sales, profit growth, operations, finance and people engagement.

Martin Vessey runs Business Doctors Thames Valley. He says: “We began working with InterVAS in early 2015. Beginning with a review of their strategy we worked closely together to develop sales and marketing actions to help boost the company’s sales, and an organisational review to help increase overall efficiency.

“By working on the company’s structure and defining roles and responsibilities to support the business growth, we now have a core plan of action for the company going forward, with Key Performance Indicators in place to monitor success.”

Based on its work with Business Doctors, the company now has projected growth of 30% year-on-year, with a vision to be directly connected to all mobile network operators in Africa by 2017 and the rest of the World by 2024.

inteVAS managing director Robert Magembe said: “We have been very impressed by Martin’s ability to deliver a 3-year strategic plan for interVAS to grow and prosper. He has been able to turn our growth aspirations into achievable outcomes and we are confident that, through implementing the action plan, we will accelerate our business growth to over 30% year-on-year.

“Martin is an extremely helpful and engaging individual, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and he has gone the extra mile to ensure that interVAS is able to succeed. He has helped us to explore relevant market opportunities and re-focus on fulfilling our customers’ needs. Working with him has been an absolute pleasure and we would recommend him to anyone seeking to transform his or her business from good to great.”

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